"Goodbye" (Live) Acoustic

Chasen playin "Goodbye" off his cd "Something To Believe" Written by Mike Vizcarra, Chasen Hampton. Guitar is Mary K~ 1930s Kalamazoo http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/good...

I Can't Breathe Ft REKS, Dutch ReBelle & American Antagon1st

In light of the recent police violence and the need for our press to feed the fire. This was made to start conversation, promote understanding, healing and awake the blind. This is three artists views on the feelings felt after so many have needlessly fallen. 

Wicked Ocean (Acoustic) Tony Lucca

Caught from the audience, Chasen and Tony perform Wicked Ocean at the Red Room (Boston)

Same Old Blues (Freddie King Cover)

Singing with my Rock Nation crew at Club Blue Agoura Hills CA. 

In My Life (Live in CT.) Vintage 90's

**Rare Footage** Taken from The Free Tour. 

This stage spins so this is why sometimes you're behind the band. Deedee Magno, Chasen Hampton, Albert (Jeune) Fields, Damon Pampolina and Tiffini Hale. Sept 3rd 1992 

That's Why (Live) Vintage 90's

The Party in Sherman Oaks Galleria Los Angeles, CA. V