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I'd Die Without You

I've aways wanted to cover this song and with the right team I'm able to make that wish come true. With Music Producer Mike Vizcarra, Grammy award winner Dave Yaden on piano/keys, world renowned drummer Mike Miley (Rival Sons) and the incomparable Deedee Magno Hall on background vocals. 

CD Cover Story– I had run a social media campaign for the cover asking all my friends and fans to post in the comments a picture of a place , person or thing that they would "Die Without". What came after was a flood of pictures that were super emotional for me, as each came with a story that touched me deeply. Adoptions, miricle births, elderly relatives, military vets, family pets and surprise engagements.  For the first time I've got to learn a side of my fans that has left me feeling even closer and more blessed than ever to have them in my life. They all believed they were competing for the CD cover.. Little do they know they ALL made it..  I had a mosaic made with all THEIR favorite people and moments... and my message back to THEM is that.... what  "I" would die without... is all of "YOU" 


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I uncovered my passion for music & performing very young and so thankful my parents supported me to do so. The joy of promoting innovation and using music to drive change still excites me today. Creating music has allowed me the freedom to tour the world, inspire others, work with my idols and given me a solid foundation on which to help others. 


With an awareness that so many helped me along the way, giving back will always be part of my story. After 14 years of mentoring young performers & raising hundreds of thousands for children's cancer research, I now enjoy watching former students join the ranks of the best. Having gone onto play Coachella, The Tonight Show, headline world tours and one recently become a platnium selling iHeart Award winner.   


Inspiration is all around, I try to make my music representative of myself and my heart. I live it everyday and the way I truly resonate my message. To my many supporters: Thank you for all the beautiful years & memories made, this has been an incredible journey. I appreciate you, -Chasen

 "Where words fail, music speaks"

-Hans Christian Anderson